Political Football, Anyone?

Have you heard enough about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Folks are lining up on various sides of this event to vent their dissatisfaction about some aspect of the situation. I use the word “folks” as our President Obama refers to the common people. Also involved in the discussion are some special categories of folks known as “government officials” and “businessmen.” My observation here is that these special classes are using the crisis to make themselves look good (or at least not so bad) and the remaining just-plain-folks just want the thing handled.

A cursory glance at a prominent Florida newspaper’s archives shows that a number of possible solutions have been floated (pun intended) including an idea to detonate massive explosives at the site of the damaged oil well. There is also some reference to possible plans for microbes to be used to eat and digest the oil. As presented in the articles, each of the proposals were thoroughly labeled as “outside the box” and none bore much hope for a solution.

What is missing in these articles is the documented fact that microbes have been used successfully in the past and have received endorsement from the Texas officials where these cleanups were done.

The following video shows how the present oil can be cleaned up very easily. How to stop the leak is another aspect that needs immediate address. Your comments are welcome.



About Steve Dockendorf

Music composer and producer, educator, counselor.
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