The Pitch

Now we come to the pitch.

The word could mean several things, but in this case it is a short intro that gives someone you meet an idea of where you are coming from and what to expect from you. Like you meet someone at a party and you say your name and what you do. This establishes an identity for him to hang your name on other than just your physical appearance. Would you rather be known as “a website developer specializing in post-flash technology” or “that tall guy with the crooked nose”?

Well, I do have a crooked nose, but that’s not how I want to be known. I want to get my version of who I am into his thinking before he has a chance to form one of his own.

Fair enough?

There is a website that can help you create a useful wording that describes YOU. Once you have it fine tuned you can say it to people you meet in elevators, on the phone and, of course, you can add it to your website. The site walks you through the process of creating something that uniquely says who you are and why someone should remember and be associated with you. The service is free to use.

I used it recently and came up with this:

My name is Steve Dockendorf and I write positive songs with unforgettable melodies that you’ll want to hear again. My natural optimism shows in all my music. People say my sound is between John Denver and Jimmy Buffet.
Become a fan and get a free download. Hear music and get started at

Now I’d like to get your reaction to my 15 second pitch. And if you hear my music, who do YOU think I sound like?

And by the way, the free download offer is for real.

For more information on the program I am following, go to


About Steve Dockendorf

Music composer and producer, educator, counselor.
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2 Responses to The Pitch

  1. Ariel Hyatt says:

    Great work so far! The pitch is so important I am glad you put so much emphasis on it! Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks, Ariel. You are a true inspiration. By the way, I saw Bobbi Jansen last night at a music conference and she showed me a chapter of her new book with your picture in it. You get around!

    Steve Dockendorf

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