What I Did and Why Should You Know

This week’s focus is on blogs.  Many bloggers write a personal diary and make it public in their blog.  What better way to start a global conversation than to talk about your interests and make friends with similar interests.

This blog’s purpose, “Help for the independent-minded” breaks down into two main areas of interest.  The first is the broad subject of how to live responsibly in a free society.  The second, and narrower, focus is do-it-yourself music production/promotion, including how these ideas can be translated to other businesses.

This weekend I attended a networking meeting that had an unusual twist.  I have to give Al Alvarez of Tampa, FL credit for a move of real genius.  He brought together two organizations – one of songwriters and one of filmmakers – into one meeting and the result was breathtaking, to say the least.  The songwriter group was Just Plain Folks www.justplainfolks.org (Mr. Alvarez is a co-coordinator of the Tampa chapter) and the filmmaker group was the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association http://www.filmmusic.net/.

We songwriters are always on the lookout for new outlets for our music.  And the filmmakers need music for their projects.  Thus a perfect marriage.

When I first moved to Florida I searched for “songwriter organizations” and found Just Plain Folks.  It’s free to join and has tremendous information and support resources on its huge site.  Similarly, I have searched for local producers of films and located other allied groups in that field.  If you are in need of new communication lines for clients, employees or other relationships, a little searching with Google will surely turn up some helpful doors to open.

Next week I continue with the next chapter in Ariel Hyatt’s book Music Success in Nine Weeks by covering TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR PUBLIC.


About Steve Dockendorf

Music composer and producer, educator, counselor.
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