Building a Mailing List

Computers are supposed to save time, right?  That applies to using a mailing list that you already have.  But how do you get one?  According to Ariel Hyatt, author of “Music Success in Nine Weeks” it is done mostly the old fashioned way – with human contact.

The Internet gives us a lot of freedom, but there are some rules we need to follow.  One such rule is not to send unrequested ads or newsletters to anyone, even friends.  This is referred to as spam.  So it is necessary to get the agreement of each person before you add them to your list.

You could send a blanket request to your entire email address book, asking the recipients if they’d like to join your mailing list.  But what impression does that leave them with?  Chances are most of the people in your address book list have not heard from you in a while, so some catching up is in order.  By sending a PERSONALIZED email to each correspondent, you have a better chance of getting positive responses.  Your chances are increased further by including some free music (or whatever you have to offer) as an incentive for signing up.

Be sure to also include in each invitation a notice (this part’s automatic – you can copy and paste) that states something along the lines of “I will never give out your email address to anybody and you can opt out of receiving the newsletter at any time.”  By including this notice on every copy of the newsletter that you send, you will add to the trust factor that allows your contacts to become and remain fans.


About Steve Dockendorf

Music composer and producer, educator, counselor.
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