Steve Dockendorf is a composer of positive American songs with unforgettable melodies. With early Classical training and years on the road with popular bands on both East and West Coasts, Steve Dockendorf emerged as a songwriter of rare scope and deep feeling. Steve studied with Wrecking Crew member, Carol Kaye and has written songs used on TV and Radio as theme songs, background music and featured songs in rotation. As a public speaker and speechwriter he achieved the status of Toastmasters Advanced Communicator. He also runs a digital recording studio, Dockendorf Audio Recorders and coaches business owners on marketing and management. Steve lives in Clearwater, FL with wife, Marilyn and two cats.

In 2009 Steve released his first CD, Good Roads and Good Weather. In 2013, his second CD, American Music was released. Both CD’s feature Steve’s original music spanning the genres of Rock, Country, Pop, New Age, Reggae, Zydeco and Polka. Steve’s third CD, Christmas Favorites, followed in 2014. It features eight of Steve’s unique arrangements of familiar Seasonal tunes.

In every performance, Steve sets a groove that hooks you, tells a story that inspires you and brings a big smile to your face. Sample music at http://www.stevedockendorf.com or at //widget.cdbaby.com/a9a3fb11-48c5-4bbf-a148-86c7035b267f/mini/light/opaque.


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